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Good day everyone! It's been forever since this group releases a journal!

Currently, :iconlt-fleur: is holding a contest and a raffle with very nice prizes for your consideration! :D
Please spare some time to read it!

If you are interested to advertise your contests, services, or anything else at our group, please Note us!

*Prizes updated!*

Hello all!
Since my girlfriend and I's one year anniversary is in a few months, I've decided to start this drawing contest where you have the opportunity to win $5, $10, or $25 (or that amount in points) plus art! More money or prizes can/may be added.
Not only that, but there will also be a raffle as well where you can win $5 (or that amount in points)!
Now there will be a contest and a raffle and you can participate in both :aww: So if you enter both the contest and the raffle, you have a chance to win up to $30!! :la:

Also, a big special thanks to :icon2kaze: for helping make this contest happen! :la:

Drawing Contest!


  1. You must draw my girlfriend and I's OCs together in order to participate in this contest! (References to our OCs are below!)
  2. They can be doing almost anything together from being random/silly to being on a date, being lovey to being on a beach having fun or in awkward situations :XD:. It's up to you! The most fun and creative ones will likely win ;) 
  3. Their character uniforms are recommended, but you are not limited to use them! Just make sure the outfit looks good :)
  4. Ecchi, nudity, and/or NSFW is allowed if you are so comfortable with it. I will not limit you too much :3
  5. Just please nothing gross, violent, or containing gore is allowed.
  6. Collabs are allowed, but if you win, you must decide between yourselves how you will divide the prizes.
  7. Any style is allowed from simple to detailed but just no bases, line-art or tracing! Also remember, the more effort/detail, the more likely you'll win!
  8. You may submit/draw as many entries as you want but keep in mind that only one entry will be selected :aww:
  9. In order to submit, please comment below with a link to your entry (also, you may comment if you're interested in participating to help me see who wants to enter :) ). As soon as I receive the entry, I will add you to the participant list.


:star:1st Place:star:

Bullet; Blue $25 USD or 2000:points:

Bullet; Blue 1 Thigh Up by :iconsketchere:

Bullet; Blue 1 Water Colored Chibi or Bust by :iconkuichuu:

Bullet; Blue 1 Bust Up by :iconxxshilo-chanxx:

Bullet; Blue 1 Style 2-Thigh Up by :iconlittle-daydream:

Bullet; Blue1 Chibi or Webcam image and 1 B&W Headshot by :iconjazminarts:

Bullet; Blue One month of journal promotion from me

Bullet; Blue Watch, llama, and ten faves from :iconmissf-n-ur-adopts:

:star:2nd Place:star:

Bullet; Blue $10 USD or 800:points:

Bullet; Blue 1 Style 2-Thigh Up by :iconlittle-daydream:

Bullet; Blue1 Chibi and 1 B&W Headshot by :iconjazminarts:

Bullet; Blue One month of journal promotion from me

Bullet; Blue Watch, llama, and ten faves from :iconmissf-n-ur-adopts:

:star:3rd Place:star:

Bullet; Blue $5 USD or 400:points:

Bullet; Blue 1 Style 1-Animated Pixel Icon by :iconlittle-daydream:

Bullet; Blue1 B&W Headshot by :iconjazminarts:

Bullet; Blue One month of journal promotion from me

Bullet; Blue Watch, llama, and ten faves from :iconmissf-n-ur-adopts:

*more money and prizes may be added*

-If you would like to donate prizes, please contact me! Judges just can't participate (it wouldn't be fair :/)

Contest Judges: :iconlt-fleur::iconjusticeprevail: :iconmaomao27: :iconawokenarts: :iconxxshilo-chanxx::iconcarotah::iconjazminarts::iconroze-is-dead: & :icontwigileia:

Participants: :iconbuttercup1999::iconskylerhinouta::iconanklesocksfox::iconicetalontheone::iconnutella-cookie::iconshoriaku::iconceeaiephell::iconartistxxy::iconspitfiresktq::iconthenewfaceintown::icontahirakitty::iconmissf-n-ur-adopts::icontheramenoverlord::iconmisselysium::iconsatsuki96::iconbubomuzziusftw::iconblackheartinertia21::iconanorha-nono::iconxmelonhippo::iconzenri-n::iconrisingshineystars::iconcalychoco-meisaki::icondtkandfa::iconlynashi:

Contest Entries:…

GOOD LUCK! :iconla-plz:

Raffle - Share and promote this Contest!


  1. You must make a journal promoting the drawing contest or both the contest and raffle then link this journal back in your journal (in other words, share and promote!).
  2. You must fave this journal.
  3. You must comment here that you have completed the 2 rules stated above as well as link me to your journal. 
  4. If you do not make a journal and/or comment back, you will not be counted!
  5. You may enter twice if you so choose in order to gain a better chance at winning but do so at least a week or so after your first entry (two times is the limit).
  6. You can enter BOTH the contest and raffle if you want! :aww: 


Bullet; Blue $5 USD or 400:points:

Participants: :iconverlak::iconshindianaify::iconkucykowata::iconkonan224::iconxtora::iconspock-emon::iconclovis-thecutestcat::iconkittykinkin::iconi-am-a-fangirl::iconanklesocksfox::iconseigyoku-wolf::iconwintermcy::iconicetalontheone::iconnutella-cookie::iconeiyre::iconrayvision::iconpersingale::iconkazumi-senpai::iconpacificislandergirl::iconceeaiephell::iconwintermcy::iconmikikimio::iconanimefan0456::iconshoriaku::iconpatty-kun::iconcalychoco-meisaki::iconxxstarrydreamzxx::iconartisticallystrange::icon315lvl4-j::iconaequorin::iconorichifost::iconlux40fied::iconpersingale::iconpaper-kittens::iconthenewfaceintown::iconcryinganarchy::iconxxkikikreationxx::iconhaseprabio::iconmissf-n-ur-adopts::iconfukur0u::iconsatsuki96::iconquintaru::iconlunityy::iconxhikarilovex::iconkirby-tree::iconxxstarfallxx::iconpokesmosher365::iconmisselysium::iconmakaalbarn-chan::iconxmelonhippo::iconjay87k::iconella509::iconmiaokep::iconrisingshineystars::icon0naruhina4ever0::icondtkandfa:

-I will assign a number to each entry based on when you commented that you entered this contest
-I will use a random number generator when the contest ends to determine the winner and screenshot it to prove who won!

GOOD LUCK! :iconla-plz:

Who are you going to draw?


Character Sheet: lt-fleur by 2kaze
Personality: Fleur is a shy yet outgoing person. He's very loving and very optimistic. Fleur's often seen smiling and laughing especially around friends and tries to make others happy. Fleur is random and spontaneous around close friends but quiet and serious around anyone else or in large crowds. He is also modest and humble, can blush easily in embarrassing situations, but isn't known to be too nervous or anxious. 
Height: 5'5" / 165.1 cm
Sex: Male
Likes: History, fleur de lis's, friends, sports (American Football), food, guns, anime and manga, video games, being smart, swimming, rock and country music, Yumiko
Dislikes: violence and gore, rude people, arguments, unhealthy/junk food, being alone, bullies, sad people
Notes: -DON'T FORGET HIS CURL^^ (I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH); try to get his hair right
-Right handed
-Fleur and Yumiko are the same height!
-Fleur de lis on the right-hand side of his vest 


My Girlfriend's OC

Commission: Lt-Fleur by 2kazeYumiko by Lt-Fleur

Personality: Yumiko is a shy person who doesn't talk much to people she doesn't know. She does talk a lot and loudly, however, when it's someone she knows well (like Fleur). Yumiko loves art, music, sweets, animals, and can be random. She can also have two personalities sometimes other than what I mentioned before. She can, on occasion, be peppy and hyper. Other times on occasion, she can be devious and/or flirty. 
Height: 5'5" / 165.1 cm
Sex: Female
Likes: Art (including drawing, coloring, sketching, and acting/drama), manga and anime, sweets and candy, animals (especially dogs), video games, pop and rock music, singing along to music, swimming, mysterious and scary stuff, Fleur
Dislikes: Crowds, rude people, arguments, being alone, hurt animals, bullies, sports, being told what to do
Notes: -Demonic eye's blood is PINK, not orange
-Tongue on headphones is PINK also
-there are tiny X's on the upper parts of her sunglasses
-Head part on headphones (the thing that connects the headphones over top of her head) is PURPLE
-make sure the bangs are just like this!^^
Fleur and Yumiko are the same height!
-Left handed
-don't forget her T-shirt design is THIS vv
 Yumiko Yokoyama's shirt design by JusticePrevail

Please Read!
-If you are unsure of any of the above, please ask me!
-If you win, you can decide to either get the prize as points or sent to you through Paypal! 

-I, as creator of this contest, have the right to push the deadline back (I'll try not to)

:star:CONTEST ENDS: August 15th, 2014:star:

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Rules and Regulations!

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