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(Well right now your inbox must be flooded with similar journals. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please bear with this a little bit. ^^;)

Happy New Year, everyone! :w00t:
Thank you for joining Anime-Artists-Unite!
May your skill improve even better and faster than in the last year! :#1:

Now, let me get to the main point.

Since managing a group with twelve thousand members and hundreds of submissions every day is not exactly a walk in the park, I've decided to seek out a few Good Samaritans to help me manage Anime-Artists-Unite.

Your primary job will be to review and vote on submissions, approving or declining them, in accordance to our group's rule.
You'll also need to re-direct submissions to the right folder, if members submitted their works to inappropriate folder.

Here's what we expect and seek on a good admin candidate:

:bulletblue: Have a good sense of responsibility and commitment. :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Able to spare enough time to do your job in dA, preferably every day. :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Able to make objective decisions when voting (it means not rejecting works that you personally don't like) . :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Able to provide satisfactory reason to members if you reject their submissions. :bulletblue:

Additionally, this is few points that aren't necessarily needed to become an admin, but it will be a plus if you have them:

:bulletpurple: Good communication and language skills. :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: Good at one (or more) of the following languages: Español, русский, Deutsch, Français, 中文,  日本語 :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: Deep knowledge about anime, manga, and videogame industries, both mainstream and non-mainstream, will be a big plus :D :bulletpurple:

If you are interested to become an admin, you can send us a note titled "Admin application" stating your interests, and if you have any of the above pluses, you can write it in, too. ;)
We'll review every applicants and probably visit your page now and then to decide.

Oh yeah, as an added incentive, admins who can manage to stay active until the end of semester (around July 2013) will be given a hundred Points as a reward to their commitment. :nod:

Why did I want to give Points like that?
To be honest, being a (good) group admin is a much harder job than you'll ever imagine. Like I said, it requires much commitment, not just a short burst of good intention. The fact that no admins here ever manages to stay active constantly for even half of a semester should give you some idea of how difficult it is.

So please, before sending your application, think for a bit.

"Am I the type of person that quickly get interested on something, but also quickly loses it?"
"Have I managed to keep my focus on something for a long period of time?"

Your capability of being an admin will depend on your answer to those questions. ;)

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